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DATE OF BIRTH: 3/15/2014

                    Rito 9M25 of Rita 5F56 PRED
Sire: SF Riverbend 9M25 1007
                    Riverbend Lady U959
                    Mytty In Focus
Dam: Riverbend Lady Y683 
                  Riverbend Lady R637


402 is a beautiful free moving, faultless uddered, fertile female. She is currently the highest income producing female at Russell Cattle Company. We purchased her mother, Y683 from Riverbend ranch. Maternal brothers to Y683 include Riverbend Steamboat, $12,000 second high selling bull of the 2010 sale, Riverbend Transition, the $11,500 third high selling bull of the 2009 sale and Full House and Rito-Rito W824 who worked as herd sires in the Riverbend program.

She has been an outstanding female. We have retained a maternal sister and two daughters to this cow and have sold several bulls working as herd sires for commercial breeders and two females to registered programs.  She brings home a good one every year.

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RCC Lady 402
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