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DATE OF BIRTH: 1/3/2015

                    Basin Expedition R156
Sire: Basin Excitement
                    Basin Lady S532 AK
                    TC Friction 5130
Dam: Queen of Ellston H115 
                  Queen of Ellston C50


Another outstanding female we acquired from Hoover Angus. She has been a top producer for RCC and we have sold progeny from this female to several breeders. Her 2019 bull calf by Mogck Entice was one of our very best and works for Richins Cattle Company.  P6's pathfinder donor dam ties as the 8th top indexing cow of the entire Hoover Herd. Pathfinder Granddam C50 is one of the all-time top producing cows at Hoover with progeny exceeding $100,000.

P6 is a beautiful female. We have retained her Tex Playbook daughter in our herd. Her 2021 calf was one of our top indexing calves. This young cow is a beautiful phenotype cow like her mother. This cow family has proven itself for several generations as being highly productive and second-to-none!

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Queen of Ellston P6
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