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DATE OF BIRTH: 2/7/2015

                    GDAR Game Day 449
Sire: Ox Box Ozzie 3233
                    Ox Bow Blackbird 1139
                    GAR Example 3204
Dam: Ox Bow Blackbird 8113 
                  Ox Bow Blackbird 638


High performance, easy fleshing female. She was the high selling open heifer from Ox Bow Ranch sale in 2015. She has a 99 birth ratio and a 106 weaning ratio on her 6 calves. This cow performs every year. Her outstanding 2020 Tex Playbook bull calf sold to David Miller of West Mountain and was a favorite from visitors all summer long. She makes them attractive, deep and big topped, with a good foot and a good attitude. She represents the kind of cow that can live in tough conditions and bring home a good calf every year.

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Ox Bow Blackbird 5111
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