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DATE OF BIRTH: 2/18/2018

                    Bruns Uppercut 610
Sire: Bruns Top Cut 373
                    Dakota Miss 669 Baf
                    SydGen CC&7
Dam: Miss Erica Ellston L105 
                  Miss Erica Ellston G137


T187 is really complete. She is big topped, pretty and a nice female to work with. Her dam L105 has a 358 day calving interval on her 6 progeny. Granddam G137 achieved pathfinder honors as did Great Granddam V50. She recorded 11 calves with a 109 weaning ratio and a 356 day calving interval. This female has the traits it takes to raise bulls that go to work and add value to a herd of cows that need to pay their way.

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Miss Erica Ellston T187
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