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DATE OF BIRTH:  8/28/2017

                    Bruns Uppercut 610
Sire: Bruns Top Cut 373
                    Dakota Miss 669 Baf
                    SydGen CC&7
Dam: Keymura Katy Ellston K429 
                  Keymura Katy Z99


This big ribeye female is one of the best. She is deep, broody, has added bone and is really complete. Her dam K429 is a pathfinder cow with a 364 day calving interval. She has a superior udder. Pathfinder donor granddam Z99 was a great producing cow with 5 - 117 weaning ratio which did not include 3 sets of high performing twins.

Great granddam V47 worked in the Hoover herd until she was 16 years old. She was also a pathfinder cow.

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Keymura Katy Ellston S475
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