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DATE OF BIRTH: 1/17/2020

                    Connealy Niobrara 5451
Sire: Connealy Gary
                    Hertha of Conanga 1639
                    Hoover Dam
Dam: Foxhoven Kintry Annie 532
                  Foxhoven Kintry Annie 315


0365 was purchased from Kenny Angus in 2021. She was the high selling open heifer at $12,000. Kenny Angus retained one flush to this female and have a number of calves on the ground out of her. She is a beautiful female with an outstanding disposition. She ranks in the top 25% of the breed for 17 different traits including top 1% for WW, YW, and $W. She is top 15% for docility and marbling. Her donor dam is one of the good phenotypic cows at Kenny Angus.

We are excited about this outstanding young female. We believe she is one of the nicest phenotype and genotype females we have come across in recent years. Her disposition is second to none and we look forward to her progeny.

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Kenny Annie 0365
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